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3rd Principle: God is Incorporeal

The Third Principle -

God is Incorporeal and Incomparable

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The third principle of faith is the belief that the Creator of the universe is incorporeal, meaning that He has no physical body, and is incomparable to other created things.

Ani ma'amim be'emunah sh'leimah, she-haborei yitbarakh sh'mo,
'eino guf, v'lo yasiguhu masigei haguf,
v'erin lo shum dimyon k'lal.

"I believe with complete faith that the Creator, blessed be His Name, has no body and is unaffected by physical phenomena, and there is no comparision to Him with anything."

Maimonides explains anthropomorphism in Scripture as follows: "In many places our holy scriptures do speak of God in physical terms. Thus we find concepts such as walking, standing, sitting and speaking used in relation to God. In all these cases, though, scripture is only speaking metaphorically. In the Talmud our sages teach us that "The Torah speaks in the language of man" (Berachot, 31b).

In the Brit Chadashah:

God is a Spirit: and they that worship him
must worship him in spirit and in truth (John 4:24)

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