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Software for Learning & Research

Computer-based Hebrew learning and research tools, including Hebrew bible study tools, research software, Hebrew fonts, etc.

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Hebrew Online Training

Reinforce your learning with online Hebrew multimedia training presentations! Listen to authentic Israeli voices reading from the Bible, reciting Hebrew prayers, and much more!

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Hebrew Self-Study Books

Books provide solid reference as you are learning the language. Click for some recommended titles.

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Jewish Music and Videos

Various materials for you to learn Hebrew, including unique Jewish music, videos, multimedia teaching DVDs, and other learning ideas.

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Featured Resources

Step-by-Step Hebrew:

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5 Stars

Zola's Introduction to Hebrew

New to Hebrew?  Start Here!  Unlike most academic books on Biblical Hebrew, this course provides a step-by-step approach that will enable you to understand the Hebraic mindset while learning the alphabet and vowel signs. Studying at your own pace, you will master the Hebrew alphabet, sound out actual Hebrew words, and begin connecting your studies with your heart by reading Hebrew prayers, blessings, and even passages from Scripture! Using this resource, you will learn more than mere academic material; you will learn the underlying spirit of the Hebrew heart. From the author of

The book also provides fascinating information throughout, to illustrate how learning Hebrew gives you a better understanding of the Lord Jesus, the Jewish Messiah.

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Study the Bible Jesus read...

A Year Through the Torah

Ideal for students of the Scriptures! With this exciting new book, you can begin to read and understand the Scriptures from a Hebraic perspective. See what was meant when it was said of Jesus: "And beginning with Moses and all the Prophets, he interpreted to them in all the Scriptures the things concerning himself" (Luke 24:27).

You can read dozens of "Old Testament" commentaries and not learn a fraction of what this single volume presents...  Over 320 pages with included audio CD.

5 Stars

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God's Secrets Revealed in Hebrew!

Learn amazing insights into the Hebrew texts of Scripture from a leading Israeli Hebrew teacher, Dr. Danny ben-Gigi.  Discover how the prophet Daniel deciphered the "writing on the wall," what Jesus meant by a "jot and tittle" of the Holy Scriptures, what the term "the Son of Man" really means, and much more!

With over 145 fascinating topics, you will realize how God's secrets are embedded into the Hebrew language -- but now you can discover them for yourself!  No knowledge of Hebrew is required to use this book - all Hebrew terms and phrases are clearly explained.

5 Stars

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Online Hebrew Training Courses!
Learn Hebrew Online...

Reinforce your Hebrew learning with online multimedia training courses! Study Biblical Hebrew, Hebrew Prayers, Hebrew Idioms, Modern Hebrew Conversation, and many other courses. Tablet and phone-friendly Hebrew!

Check it out!

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The Basics of Biblical Hebrew Grammar!

Biblical Hebrew Home Study Bundle

Everything you need to help get you started!
An audio supported self-study tutorial with vowels for every Hebrew word, enlightening color charts, and Scriptural examples for every grammar rule!
Includes a FREE, full color edition of our "Living Israeli Hebrew" course for those who are just beginning or those who want to refresh their basic Hebrew skills.

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Hebrew and Health - What's the Connection?

God's Healing Code

A Biblical Prescription for restoring your body and soul.

Learn the amazing connection between Hebrew word pictures and medical science. See the Bible's remedy for chronic pain; discover God's prescription for diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, and much more. A full-color hardcover book by Dr. Chris Greene designed to help you and your family become stronger! 304 pages.

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Jumbo Hebrew Flashcards. 8.5"X11" Cover Stock, corner rounded for child safety. 31 cards (22 alphabet letters, Vet, Chaf, Fey, Sin + final letters). Available in Print, Cursive, or Rashi style. Great for teaching or self study! Helpful resource.

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Transliterated Hebrew Bibles

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Complete with Hebrew Accenting!

Transliterated Hebrew-English Bible

Hebrew Text with Transliteration and Translation - all in one! All new, updated with Accent marks so you too can read the Bible in Hebrew fluently. This unique resource goes verse by verse through the Hebrew Bible, listing 1) the Hebrew text, 2) a phonetic transliteration, 3) biblical accents, and 4) English translation. It's like having several Bibles in one! Gain confidence as you read the Hebrew text!
In addition, an accompanying CD includes the entire Bible narrated in Hebrew (arranged by books) in mp3 format -- over 65 hours of recording -- that you can use to further reinforce your learning!

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Hebrew Word Pictures Bible!

Transliterated Ancient Hebrew Bible

Hebrew Word Pictures, Transliteration and Translation
The entire Tanach in Hebrew and English, with concise transliteration of the Hebrew text, the Ancient Hebrew Word Pictures (Paleo-Hebrew), and the Dead Sea Scrolls Style text.

In addition, an accompanying CD includes the entire Bible narrated in Hebrew (arranged by books) in mp3 format -- over 65 hours of recording -- that you can use to further reinforce your learning!

This remarkable resource is a great supplement to the Hebrew Word Pictures study materials by Frank Seekins.

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Read the New Testament in Hebrew!

Transliterated Hebrew New Testament

Greek AND Hebrew - both fully transliterated into English!
With this unique tool, you will be able to look up any verse in the English New Testament and read both the underlying Greek Text as well as the most up-to-date and accurate Hebrew translation!

And don't worry if you're still learning the languages -- both the Greek and the Hebrew include full English transliterations, so you can read the texts with confidence!

Created in Israel - the land of Yeshua!

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Transliterated Hebrew-Spanish Bible

Transliterada Hebreo / Espa√Īol Biblia
Estudiar y aprender la Biblia hebrea y la Tor√°! Lea las palabras en letras hebreas en espa√Īol! La transcripci√≥n en lengua espa√Īola es s√≠laba concisa, por s√≠laba, para una f√°cil lectura. Incluye tanto un rey Reina Valera Edici√≥n y una Edici√≥n Moderna Espa√Īola.

INCLUIDO GRATIS! Un CD de MP3 con toda la Biblia narra en hebreo - 65 horas de grabación!

4000 P√°ginas, l√≠nea por l√≠nea, Hebreo/Espa√Īol y transliteraci√≥n de toda la Biblia!

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The Hebrew Study Bible

EKS Beginning Siddur Dictionary

The Hebrew-English Tanach (Stone Edition)
Experience the Jewish Scriptures with the Stone Edition Tanach - all 24 books of the Torah,
Prophets, and Writings newly translated and annotated. Read fascinating commentary by classic sages of Talmudic and Rabbinic literature. Edited by Rabbi Nosson Scherman in collaboration with an international team of scholars.

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Hebrew Blessings for Shabbat

Handy Shabbat Guide!  

Now you can perform your own Messianic Shabbat home celebration with confidence! Using this simplified single-page guide, you will be able to recite the traditional Hebrew blessings with ease! The laminated page includes the traditional steps, each with the Hebrew, transliteration, and English translation. On the other side of the Shabbat Guide you will find the "Lord's Prayer" in Hebrew, which may be incorporated as part of your Shabbat celebration or even framed as a poster for your home... Learn the prayer Yeshua taught His disciples to pray!

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Learn Hebrew Prayers

Hebrew Prayer Essentials - charts with CD  

If you understand the power of Hebrew prayer, here is something that will touch your heart and soul! Hebrew Prayer Essentials - 4 charts plus a slow pace audio tutorial CD. Ideal for students learning the basics of Hebrew reading and prayer. Practice your reading while listening to Israeli speakers read the Hebrew with clear articulation.

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The LORD's Prayer in Hebrew

Learn the prayer that Yeshua taught His disciples to pray in Hebrew! The laminated page includes the Hebrew text (from the Gospel of Matthew), easy to read transliteration, along with the English translation.
In addition, the other side of this page includes the steps for conducting your own Messianic Shabbat home celebration. Learn to recite the traditional Hebrew blessings of the Shabbat Seder with condifence and ease!  Read more >>

First Steps in Hebrew Prayer!

First Steps in Hebrew Prayer is an outstanding book/CD set that provides the most important Jewish prayers and blessings. It features the Hebrew text in bold letters, line-for-line with English translation and transliteration. The accompanying high quality audio CD follows the prayers with the voice of Rabbi Tzvi Cooperman.

This is a highly recommended resource. 5 Stars
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Tefillah Trainer Tutorial System

New Hebrew Prayer Tutorial System. Now you can learn to read, chant, and sing the most famous prayers of the Jewish prayerbook (siddur). This program will let you study - at your own pace - all the weekday and Shabbat prayers commonly recited in Jewish congregations around the world! Choose your accent style, pronunication, inflection, and even speed of recitation! An ideal esource for those who are seriously studying Hebrew and the Jewish roots of their faith.

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Hebrew Typography Prints  

A new collection of Hebrew prints from Piece of History's Hebrew Typography series. Each print features a description of the ancient letter's origin and meaning. Made in Israel.

Use this distinct, modern representation of one of the oldest symbols to decorate the wall of your home or office.

Print Size: 50 x 70cm (19 x 27in.)

Free worldwide shipping from Israel. Click here to order.

Explore the Tabernacle

The Kleinman Edition - Artscroll Multimedia Mishkan

Understand the foundation of the Jewish Temple with this fascinating interactive multimedia! Complete with verse-by-verse exploration, commentary, and audio-visual presentation, this software program is truly a unique contribution to Torah study.

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The Illustrated Bible

Etchings by Gustave Doré and Isaac Inbal

This book features over 100 plates which have been painted in full color by Israeli artist Isaac Inbal, and further accompanied by the English and Hebrew Biblical text corresponding to each etching.

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Hebrew-English Keyboard Stickers  

Map your English keystrokes to the Hebrew letters using these handy keyboard stickers! Fluorescent stickers allow work in dim and semi-dark environments, and are more comfortable typing in lit areas!

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Get the message out with
Custom Hebrew gifts!

Share the message of the Jewish roots of your faith by wearing a custom Hebrew shirt from Hebrew4Christians. Various Hebrew lettering options are available, including Rashi, STA"M, Cursive, and plain text Hebrew. Portions of profits will be given to tzedakah.

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Biblical Fragrances

Enjoy the scents of the Torah! Perfumes and hand-crafted soaps that evoke sanctity and beauty - from the land of Israel!

Some other items of interest...

More Information
Our Father Abraham

Great Chapters of the Hebrew New Testament is a unique recording of Rabbi Amnon Shor reading some of the most beloved and powerful passages of the New Covenant Scriptures in a pure Yemenite Hebrew accent. Wonderful for devotional listening.  more >

The Jewish New Testament CDs. Now you can enjoy listening to the Jewish New Testament translation by Dr. David H. Stern. This special audio edition features the beautiful narration of Jonathan Settel, one of the finest singers in the Messianic Jewish World. The professional production was recorded in Jerusalem. Mp3 format.   more >

Babylon Handheld Hebrew-English Dictionary: State of the art, Hebrew-English / English-Hebrew dictionary with millions of words, expressions and idioms! The easiest way to lookup Hebrew words! Created by Modan Inc., in Israel.  more >

Music from God Collection (Vols I, II and III).  Listen to beautiful and meditative music encoded in the Hebrew text of the Bible itself! A variety of Hebrew Psalms decode heavenly melodies of music based on the Hebrew letters themselves!    more >

Apologetics and Philosophy Books.  These books are all helpful for deeping your understanding of Scriptural truth and developing a Christian/Messianic worldview.  Some titles deal with Jewish apologetical themes, while others are more traditionally Christian in outlook. The list here is hardly complete, but I will add to it as time permits.   more >


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