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Refuah  - Blessing Eight of the Amidah

Refuah -

Heal us, O LORD, and we shall be healed

The Refuah (healing) is the eighth blessing of the Amidah wherein appeal is made to the LORD as the faithful and compassionate Healer.

Blessing Eight: Refuah

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At this point, you may interject a prayer for one who is ill:

May it be Your will, LORD my God, and the God of my forefathers, that You quickly send refuah sh'lemah (complete healing) from heaven, spiritual healing and physical healing to the patient (name) son/daughter of (mother's name) among the other patients of Israel. - continue: Ki el melekh...

Heal us, O Lord, and we shall be healed; save us, and we will be saved, for the one we praise is You. Bring complete healing for all our sicknesses, [* at this point, you may interject a prayer for one who is ill, see above], for O God, for You are our faithful and compassionate Healer and King. Blessed are you, Lord, the Healer of the sick of Israel.

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