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Geulah - Blessing Seven of the Amidah

Geulah -

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Redeem us for the sake of thy Name

The seventh blessing of the weekday Amidah is called Ge'ulah ("redemption") and appeals to the LORD for redemption and deliverance.


The Talmud states that this blessing's position as seventh in the Amidah points to the future advent of the Mashiach, which will be preceded by seven years of travail (the time of Jacob's trouble). In the seventh year, the upheaval will reach its climactic stage and the world will totter on the brink of total destruction. Then the Mashiach will appear and end the horror to usher in an era of unsurpassed shalom.

Blessing Seven: Geulah


Behold our affliction and champion our cause, and redeem us speedily for the sake of Thy Name. Blessed are You, Lord, Redeemer of Israel.


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