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L'Olam Yehei Adam - Reverence before God

L'Olam Yehei Adam -

At all times let a man revere God

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The L'olam portion of the Shacharit service prepares the heart for the recitation of the Shema, the most significant declaration of the unity of God in the Jewish liturgy. This prayer is made up of excerpts from Bible and Talmud and was compiled in about 456 C.E. when a Persian ruler forbade Babylonian Jews to read the Shema publicly.


At all times should a man fear God, publicly and privately, and attest to the truth, speaking the truth within his heart, and rise up early and say: "Master of all the worlds, not of our own righteousness do we cast our supplications before You, but because of Your great mercy. Who are we? What is our life? What is our kindness? What is our righteousness? What is our salvation? What is our strength? What is our might? What can we say before You, LORD our God and God of our fathers?"


l'olam yehei adam yerei shamayim b'seter uvagaluy, umodeh al ha'emet, v'doveir emet bilvavo, v'yashkeim veyomar: Ribbon kol ha'olamim, lo al tsidkoteinu anachnu mappilim tachanuneinu l'faneikha ki al rachameykha harabbim. Mah anachnu? meh chaiyeinu? mah chasdeinu? mah tsidkoteinu? mah yeshu'ateinu? mah kocheinu? mah g'verateinu? Mah nomar l'faneikha Adonai Eloheinu v'lohei avoteinu?

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