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Reinforce your Hebrew learning with online multimedia training courses! Study Biblical Hebrew, Hebrew Prayers, Hebrew Idioms, Modern Hebrew Conversation, and many other courses. Tablet and phone-friendly Hebrew!

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Parallel Transliterated Hebrew Bible!  

Easy Hebrew Study! This unique resource goes verse by verse through the Hebrew Bible, listing 1) the Hebrew text, 2) a complete phonetic transliteration, and 3) an English translation. It's like having three Bibles in one! In addition, an accompanying audio CD includes the entire Bible narrated in Hebrew (mp3 format) -- over 65 hours of recording -- that you can use to further reinforce your learning!

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Practice Readings for Biblical Hebrew

Reading the Bible in Hebrew. This wonderful audio CD will lead you through the first four chapters of Genesis. Each chapter is narrated twice -- once in fluent reading pace and a second time in a slower reading pace. Highly Recommended! 5 Stars $16.95

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Reading the Psalms in Hebrew. Includes 22 full chapters of favorite Psalms, beautifully narrated by Mr. Uri Harel, the founder and director of the Center for Biblical Hebrew. Superb narration and the crystal clear sound quality make this audio CD the best Biblical narration you've ever heard.  Highly Recommended! 5 Stars $16.95

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Psalms of the Heart is a book/CD providing a number of King David's most beloved psalms in Hebrew. While you listen to the words, whether to practice, meditate or to solemnly pray, you'll also hear the heavenly music of King David's harp. $34.95 5 Stars

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The Bible Recited in Hebrew

The Bible (Tanach) Read in Hebrew.
Listen to the whole Bible narrated in Hebrew by famed Rabbi Shlomo Bertonov. Over 70 hours of readings are divided into the weekly Torah portions and Haftarah. This is the best recording available from an authentic Israeli speaker. 4 audio CDs play MP3s on PC or MAC.  More >

Synagagoue Hebrew (Siddur and Torah)

First Steps in Hebrew Prayer is a book/CD providing the most important Jewish prayers and blessings. It features the Hebrew text in bold letters, line-for-line with English translation and transliteration. The enclosed CD follows the prayers with the voice of Rabbi Tzvi Cooperman.  $39.95 5 Stars

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The Complete Hebrew Prayer Tutorial System! This amazing program will let you study - at your own pace - all the weekday and Shabbat prayers commonly recited in Jewish congregations around the world! Choose your accent style, pronunication, inflection, and even speed of recitation! A fantastic resource for those who are seriously studying Hebrew and the Jewish roots of their faith. 5 Stars

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Trope Trainer Deluxe will teach you how to chant the whole Torah and Haftarot. View and hear complete Biblical texts with your choice of melody, accent, speed, pitch, and voice. Includes a full set of tutorials and exercises teaches you the chanting fundamentals. Ideal for Bar/Bat Mitzvah preparation!

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Hebrew Idioms and Expressions

The Treasure of Hebrew Idioms is a CD that gives you insight into the 500 most important "crown jewels" of Hebrew idioms! Sources include the Bible, Talmud, Mishnah, Gemarah, Midrash, literature and poetry.  $29.95

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Hebrew Expressions of Love & Endearment. Express your love in Hebrew! A CD that includes many of the Biblical, Talmudic, literary, poetic, and modern words and phrases to express love and endearment. A unique resource! $29.95

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Modern Conversational Hebrew

Welcome to Hebrew. The world's first and only complete Hebrew self study course on DVDs! With 30 lessons with Israel's best TV and radio celebrities! Offers real life exposure to Hebrew conversation. Includes a 224-page book with vowel marks. $99.00

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Learn Modern Hebrew. Going to Israel? Modern Hebrew provides all the tools you need to improve your Hebrew language skills, with 21 interactive lessons designed to increase your level of Hebrew comprehension. Sharpen or review your Hebrew conversational skills with this well-done program. Level: Beginner.

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Jewish New Testament Audio Book  

The Jewish New Testament Audio Book. Now you can enjoy listening to the Jewish New Testament translation by Dr. David H. Stern. This special audio edition, recorded in Jerusalem, features the beautiful narration of Jonathan Settel, one of the finest singers in the Messianic Jewish World. Mp3 format audio. Now includes a bonus CD - Great Chapters of the Hebrew New Testament for free!

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Hebrew New Testament Audio CD

Great Chapters of the Hebrew New Testament is a unique recording of Rabbi Amnon Shor reading some of the most beloved and powerful passages of the New Covenant Scriptures in a pure Yemenite Hebrew accent. Wonderful for devotional listening.

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Basic Hebrew Grammar

Hebrew Essentials Charts / Audio CD

The Hebrew Essentials Chart and Audio CD Set can help solidify your grasp on Hebrew grammar and reading. The set includes both the Hebrew Alphabet and the Hebrew vowel system with a "reading matrix" that shows every letter connected with every vowel. A separate chart lists the basic verb patterns for simple verbs in the Present, Past, Future and Imperative tenses. Includes a reading practice page with two Psalms chapters and a classic Jewish tale. All texts are slowly narrated on a 72 minute training audio CD.

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Basic Hebrew Prayers

Hebrew Prayer Essentials - charts with CD  

If you understand the power of Hebrew prayer, here is something that will touch your heart and soul! Hebrew Prayer Essentials - 4 charts plus a slow pace audio tutorial CD. Ideal for students learning the basics of Hebrew reading and prayer. Practice your reading while listening to Israeli speakers read the Hebrew with clear articulation.

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