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Kabbalat Tefillah - Blessing Sixteen of the Amidah

Kabbalat Tefillah -

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Acceptance of Prayer

Blessing sixteen of the Amidah prayer, Kabbalat Tefillah, is an appeal to the LORD for pity, mercy, and acceptance of the foregoing petitions, and thereby closes the petitionary (middle) section of the foregoing sequence of prayers.


Blessing Sixeen: Kabbalat Tefillah

Tzemach David

Hear our voice, O Lord our God, and have pity and mercy upon us and accept in mercy and in favor our prayer, for You are a God Who hears prayers and supplications. Do not turn us away from before You empty, for in mercy You hear the prayer of Your people Israel. Blessed are You, Lord, Who hears prayer.

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