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Rebuilding Jerusalem - Blessing Fourteen of the Amidah

Binyan Yerushalayim -

Rebuilding Jerusalem

While in Galut (exile), Jews will never stop mourning for and praying to return to Jerusalem. This sentiment finds its expression in Zionism - the worldwide movement of the Jewish people to return to their ancient homeland as the chosen people of God (Zionism comes from the word Tsion, one of the Jewish names for the holy city of Jerusalem).

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In fact, the Amidah prayer itself - the quintessential prayer recited three times a day by Orthodox Jews - is recited facing to the east, toward Jerusalem. The fourteenth blessing of the Amidah is called Binyan Yerushalayim ("rebuilding of Jerusalem") and expresses the Jewish dream of being restored to the rebuilt city of Jerusalem as the City of the LORD upon the earth.

Blessing Fourteen: Rebuilding Jerusalem

Return in compassion to Your city, Jerusalem, and rest within it as You have said. Rebuild it speedily, and in our days, a structure forever. And may You establish the throne of David within Jerusalem speedily. Blessed are You, Lord, the Builder of Jerusalem.

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