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Hoda'ah - Blessing Eighteen of the Amidah

Hoda'ah -

Thanksgiving to the LORD

The eighteenth blessing of the weekday Amidah is composed of two parts: the Hoda'ah portion, expressing thanks to the LORD, and the concluding section. Hoda'ah means gratitude, and is considered the most basic of attitudes toward HaShem.

Modim Anachnu Lakh

Traditional Jews bow at the word "modim" and straighten up when the name "Adonai" is said:

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Tzemach David

We thank You, for it is You alone Who is Adonai our God and the God of our fathers, forever and ever. You are the Rock and Shield of our salvation, You alone, from generation to generation. We thank You and tell of Your praise, for our lives are in Your hands and our souls are trusting in You. Every day Your miracles are with us: Your wonders and favors are at all times, evening, morning, and afternoon. O Good One, Your compassions are never exhausted and Your kindnesses are continual. We put our hope in You.

Blessing Eighteen: Concluding Section

In the closing portion of the blessing, traditional Jews bend the knees at "barukh", bow at "attah," and straighten up when "Adonai" is said:

For all these things we bless and exalt Your Name our King forever and evermore. And all the living shall confess You forever and praise Your Name in truth, O God of our salvation and our help forever! Blessed are You, Adonai, "The Good One" is Your Name, and to You it is right to give thanks.

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