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Ahavat Olam - Unconditional Love

Unconditional Love -

Our Heart's Dearest Hunger...

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Jeremiah 31:3

Yea, I have loved thee with an everlasting love: therefore with lovingkindness have I drawn thee (Jeremiah 31:3b)

"WHY GO ON on living?" I pondered. "Why get up in the morning?  Why go through the daily ritual of fecklessly seeking an answer to the hunger I always feel inside? Why keep thirsting for the draught that never seems to satisfy?"

Spiritual Death

Before I trusted Yeshua as my Messiah and Savior, I was spiritually dead. I wanted life, but I wanted to be in control - to be the "lord of the ring" and find satisfaction my own way. So I sought "life" through romance, through drugs and food, through desire for power and recognition. Above all I wanted to feel alive and significant - to escape the nagging thought that my life was a nothing but a "useless passion." In the end my self-styled search for life ended in despair and vanity.

The Lord created us with a built-in need to be loved unconditionally, but we seem hell-bent on "playing god." We try to get our heart needs met through all sorts of false loves, false promises, and idols. We "hew broken cisterns that can hold no water" and forsake the Fountain of Living Waters (see Jer. 2:13).


The Lord can meet the need for unconditional love within our hearts. By the power of His Holy Spirit, He can draw us to Himself and be the answer to our heart's cry for significance, meaning, and complete acceptance. The love of Yeshua can set us free from the fear of a love-starved existence.

But it takes faith to be healed. We must personally decide to trust God to meet our need for love, regardless of the current circumstances of our lives. We must soften our hearts and confess our need for His healing and chesed (lovingkindness).

This passage of Scripture is clear: God everlastingly loves you (the Hebrew verb ahavteekh uses the singular "you" ending rather than the plural) and wants you (singular "you" again) to love Him in return. In His chesed, God is drawing you close to Him. Listen to the wooing whisper of the Holy Spirit, and, if you hear it, ask the Yeshua the LORD to meet your heart's need for love today. Amen.



ve'ahavat olam ahavtikh al-kein meshakhtikh chased

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