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Elijah's Chair

Brit Milah -

Elijah's Chair

At the Brit Milah, a special chair, called Kisei Eliyahu ha-Navi (Chair of Elijah) is designated for Elijah the Prophet. In some communities a regular chair is used and covered with a special cloth embroidered with the name "Elijah the Prophet."  Normally, the baby is placed on the Chair of Elijah at the beginning of the circumcision ritual, and then on the knees of the sandek. 

The seats are now arranged one for the Sandek, the other for "Elijah." The baby is first placed on the "Chair of Elijah" by the man designated Kisei Eliyahu, and the Mohel says:

"This is the throne of Elijah the prophet, who is remembered for good."

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