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The Letter Tav

The last (i.e., 22nd) letter of the Hebrew alphabet is "Tav," which has the sound of "t" as in "tall."

In modern Hebrew, the letter Tav can appear in three forms:

Forms of Tav

Write the manual print version (or "block" version) of Tav as follows:

Tav Block

Note that the first stroke overhangs the second stroke, and that the second stroke has a small "foot" that goes to the left.

And the cursive version:

Tav Script

This letter is similar to the print version except that the first stroke slopes down from the top right to the baseline.

Write the letter Tav (from right to left) in both manual print and script several times:

Practice Grid

Note: The letter Tav can also take a dot, or dagesh mark. In ancient Hebrew, a Tav without the dot was pronounced "th" (e.g., as in Sabbath). In the Ashkenazi tradition, Tav without the dot is pronounced "s" (as in "Shabbos"), but in modern Hebrew, Tav with or without the dagesh is pronounced simply as "t."   

Tav Summary

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