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Ein Keloheinu

Ein Keloheinu -

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Exalting HaShem as Little Children

And calling to him a child, he put him in the midst of them and said, "Truly, I say to you, unless you turn and become like children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven. - Jesus

The Ein Keloheinu is a well-known synagogue song that exalts the Lord. It is noteworthy on account of its memorable melody and the easy Hebrew phrasing. One charming custom in Orthodox synagogues is to appoint a child to be the chazzan (or cantor) for this song at the end of a Musaf (additional) service.

Ein Keloheinu

Song Translation:

Ein keloheinu
Ein kadoneinu
Ein kemalkeinu
Ein kemoshi'einu

- There is none like our God!
- There is none like our Lord!
- There is none like our King!
- There is none like our Savior!

Mi keloheinu
Mi kadoneinu
Mi kemalkeinu
Mi kemoshi'einu

- Who is like our God?
- Who is like our Lord?
- Who is like our King?
- Who is like our Savior?

Nodeh leiloheninu
Nodeh laAdoneinu
Nodeh lemalkeinu
Nodeh lemoshieunu

- Give thanks to our God!
- Give thanks to our Lord!
- Give thanks to our King!
- Give thanks to our Savior!

Barukh eloheinu
Barukh adoneinu
Barukh malkeinu
Barukh moshi'einu

- Blessed is our God!
- Blessed is our Lord!
- Blessed is our King!
- Blessed is our Savior!

Attah hu eloheinu
Attah hu adoneinu
Attah hu malkeinu
Attah hu moshi'einu

- It is You who are our God!
- It is You who are our Lord!
- It is You who are our King!
- It is You who are our Savior!

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