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Blessings for Special Events

Berachot for Special Occasions -

Hebrew Blessings Recited during Special Times

There are many other blessings prescribed by Jewish tradition to help us remember the goodness of God and to practice our gratitude before Him. Some of these are spontaneously uttered praises to God for evidence of His daily care; some of these are special words said on special occasions; and some are more formalized cadences uttered for ritualistic observances:

For Special Occasions
Wedding Blessings
Home Dedication
For Healing
Seeing Natural Wonders
Hearing Thunder
Seeing a Rainbow
Beholding Natural Beauty
Upon hearing Bad News
For seeing the ocean

Traveler’s Blessing
Experiencing a Miracle
Experiencing Deliverance
Upon Seeing a King
B’rit Millah
Recovering from Illness
Wedding Blessings
When Seeing a Torah sage
When seeing a great scholar
Pidyon HaBen (firstborn)

Mezuzah and Case
Psalm 145:1

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