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Hebrew for Christians
A Brief Introduction to Kabbalah

Kabbalah and Mysticism

A Brief Overview for Christians

  Cautionary Foreword for Christians

  What is Kabbalah?

  What does "God" mean in Kabbalah?

  How did God create the world?

  How does God interact with the world?

  What does the "Soul" mean in Kabbalah?

  What's the meaning of life in Kabbalah?

  Kabbalistic Hermeneutics

  Christian versions of Kabbalah

  The Mazzarot - Gospel in the Stars

  Hermetic Kabbalah and Esotericism

  Kabbalah and Philosophy

  Some Tentative Conclusions

IMPORTANT NOTE: The pages in this section are presently under development and should be regarded as unfinished. Before sending me a note warning me about the dangers of studying Kabbalah, etc., please allow me some time to complete the writing process. Criticisms of Kabbalistic philosophy - especially from a Christian perspective - are forthcoming, IY"H. Thank you for your patience, chaverim.

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