Sabbath observance blessings and curses

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Sabbath observance blessings and curses

Postby Guest » Wed May 22, 2013 3:17 pm

I have been embracing my Jewish heritage for about 5 years now and have just went through this past feast(Pentecost) with great anguish. You see, I am self-employed and make time for shabbat each week. I look forward to our service time each Friday. As you know the Jewish calendar shows that there are several shabbat days during this feast week. I did not 'take a rest' from work for the stated days and as a result it has caused a great rift with my wife who in convinced that I have robbed myself and our family of some special blessing for not 'obeying the word'. She had gone out to buy a lotto ticket and has told me that I am to blame for us not winning. A pile of hokey is what that is.

I am determined to learn and grow yet this whole Sabbath living thing has to be a get-to and not a have-to right?

Please reply and let me know if I am am out in the tall grass or do I have bigger problem with all this fire and spirit filled rabbi business that I tolerate each week

Re: Sabbath observance blessings and curses

Postby admin » Wed May 22, 2013 3:19 pm

Yeshua is the Lord of the Sabbath (אֲדוֹן הַשַּׁבָּת), and all of the mo'edim (biblical holidays) center upon Him... We are to follow the true King of Israel, the Word of the Torah, and the Redeemer who brought life and healing to the entire world. The Messiah himself "worked" on the Sabbath day (John 5:16-17). It's that simple. Sabbath is a spiritual principle of peace. There is no merit we gain by keeping the Sabbath, and there is no merit we lose if we do not keep the Sabbath. The focus is on the LORD of the Sabbath. He is the Prince of Peace and the author of our rest... shalom
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