Did Jesus use leavened bread at the last supper?

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Did Jesus use leavened bread at the last supper?

Postby Guest » Thu Jun 09, 2011 4:39 am

I have a few questions if I may.

1.) I see that in the greek where Jesus breaks break at the last supper, the greek word is for leavened bread, how does that fit in with it being the passover where, as far as I am aware, unleavened bread is used?

2.) I see you recommending learning Hebrew first, before Greek, my only comment is, how did this affect the early gentile converts as they, from what I understand, knew greek as the main language of commerce etc and Paul never seems to imply that they should, or must learn Hebrew. Please, I am not aiming this as a critisism, just thinking aloud as you might know something I do not.

3.) If Hebrew would help, will your book(s) suffice to enable me to get the most out of the original Hebrew scriptures, or is there much more to it than that as some Greek sites imply, get our book, then you find that to be honest, it just scratches the surface.


Re: Did Jesus use leavened bread at the last supper?

Postby admin » Thu Jun 09, 2011 4:42 am

The Greek word you mention, artos (ἄρτος), is often used to translate the Hebrew word lechem (לֶחֶם), which is the same word used to bless the matzah used during a Passover seder...

The reason I recommend studying Hebrew first is because it is logically prior to the Greek, and the Greek essentially translates the original Hebrew into a target language that was more cosmopolitan for that day. The process to study NT Greek usage is to compare it with the LXX, which itself comes from the Hebrew, so it is clear that classical Hebrew is more basic than Koine Greek.

Oh, regarding the sale of my Hebrew book - much of its content is free on the Hebrew4christians site. I sell it in book form to help fund the ministry.

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